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  • Sm@rtr® JV Partner Network

    5-Year Membership Subscription Payment

    (One-Time Payment / Save 60%)

    Make your payment here for your applicable class of network membership (and "Tier" if applicable), if you have received notification that your network membership application is approved and you have executed/signed the Sm@rtr® JV Partner Membership Agreement. If you applied and were accepted into the accelerator program, your network membership fees are included in the program fees. If you prefer not to pay by credit or debit card, you may email us at admin@smart-dac.com to request wire transfer details.


    Membership = JV Network Membership | HAP-Tier # = Hyper Accelerator Program Tier #


    All subscriptions are 5-year plans thus cementing a long term commitment to the joint venture and our startups. However, If you prefer, the 5-Year subscriptions can be paid in 5 annual instalments, but you'll be saving 60% with the one-time 5-year subscription payment.


    NB. If you are a City, Municipality, Academic Institution or National Government, you will receive an invoice and instructions to effect payment via Bank Wire.

    Subscription Payments are being processed by SM@RT via Stripe. All pricing is expressed in United States Dollars.

  • Sm@rtr® JV Partner Network 5-Year Membership Subscription Payment(Annual Instalment Plan)

    Sm@rtr® JVPN - INVESTOR Membership (Fund)
    Sm@rtr® JVPN - INVESTOR Membership (Fund)
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