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  • Action Takers, Change Agents:

    Global Business/Project Consulting & Development Talent

    Industry Specialist Professionals and Thought Leaders. We're currently in the process of dialogue with several other industry professionals and specialists globally and as the requisite agreements are executed,

    their snapshot profiles will also be added here.

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    Robin Belle

    🇺🇸 New York

    Strategic Business Developer

    Experienced impact driven entrepreneur in global FinTech markets. Accelerating global sustainability transformation via JV model.

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    Michael Grimes

    🇧🇧 Bridgetown

    Finance/Accounting/Audit Professional

    Seasoned Finance, Accounting, Audit and Corporate Professional; former senior level manager at three "Big4" accounting firms.

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    Liz Thompson

    🇧🇧 Bridgetown

    Sustainability/Envionment Specialist

    Barbados' ambassador and a Sustainability Specialist, advancing Barbados’ national interests in climate, law of the sea & more.

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    Michelle Chivunga

    🇬🇧 London

    Policy & Blockchain Consultant

    International Policy expert & consultant and more recently a sought after thought leader in Blockchain business use case consulting.

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    Charles Johnson

    🇧🇧 Bridgetown

    Caribbean Tourism/Business Specialist

    Seasoned Tourism, Hospitality Management and Business Consultancy Professional with extensive Caribbean market expertise.

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    Monique Medford

    🇧🇧 Bridgetown

    Property Management Professional

    Experienced Luxury Property Management and Retail Operations Professional, with a high level of Administration/HR expertise.

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    Tom Murphy

    🇺🇸 New York

    Technology Solution Developer

    Finance & Technology veteran with 35 years experience creating tech solutions for Wall Street trading & investment banking firms.

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    Rend Stephan

    🇫🇷 Paris

    Corporate Management Specialist

    Rend engages with leaders and decision-makers globally on the tough leadership and management issues they face.

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    Thomas Acuff

    🇦🇺 Sydney

    Private Equity Investment Principal

    The Founder & Principal of Prudent Capital Partners, a private equity firm with a global reach. Forbes Finance Council member.

  • New York, USA

    An aftenoon @ the offices of the Consulate General of Barbados in New York City, 2019

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