Unlimited Partners


    A different, more strategic approach to

    "funding" business development.


  • We Think Infinitely About "Capital"

    Unlike traditional venture capital funds focused solely on "monetary capital" and using the traditional VC business model of "Limited Partners", we recognize that there are many types of capital that are as valuable for "investment", if not more so, than monetary capital.


    Relational CAPITAL (your close contacts)

    Influence CAPITAL (your engaged audience/followers)

    Capacity CAPITAL (your unused warehouse etc)

    Intellectual CAPITAL (your patented system/s)

    Software CAPITAL (your software program/s)

    Hardware CAPITAL (your physical product/s)

    Knowledge CAPITAL (Strategic Information)

    Brand CAPITAL (Brand Equity/Goodwill)

    Time CAPITAL (self explanatory)

    And more...




    Digital Real Estate Development to leverage the strong Intangible Asset Portfolio of a 50+ year old company in the transportation services sector.



    If you are looking to add value to exceptional business development projects in the Tourism, Energy, Retail, Transportation and Sustainability sectors, through Non-Cash or Cash Capital Investment, write to us at admin [at] smartr [dot] fund.


    *SBD: Strategic Business Development