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    Sustainability Intelligence Agency



    STF Special🥇Agents

    to carry out global Sustainability Transformation Imp@ctmissions.



    Join the Sm@rtr® TASK🥇FORCE to earn SM@RTR™ (STR) premium cryptocurrency tokens, redeemable for Sm@rtr® Micro Hotel Travel Accommodation, for participation in Xtraordinary Experiences and for acquiring valuable Digital Business Assets (digital real estate) which you can optionally resell for profit in FIAT currency.



    1 STR = 5.25 USD

    in terms of Current FIAT Loyalty Redemption Value (LRV) for Sm@rtr® Products & Services.





  • The Sm@rtr® TASK🥇FORCE™ (STF) is a very financially rewarding Sustainability Awareness and Transformation Acceleration opportunity for all Smart City/Sustainability enthusiasts worldwide, empowering them to play a major personal role is accelerating sustainability transformation in communities, within organization and within consumers' homes.


    The STF is our company's Sustainability "Intelligence Agency", which is a growing army of people (independent contractor "special agents") worldwide, who will be promoting our company's very compelling CryptoCashBack™ Loyalty program to businesses and consumers everywhere.



    The Sm@rtr® Loyalty Program has TWO types of participants:


    1) Businesses, Non-Profits, Governments worldwide (Opposing Forces)

    An "Opposing Force" is any business, organization or government that has not incorporated sustainability into its daily operations.


    2) Individual Citizens/Consumers worldwide (STF🕵️‍♂️Special Agents)




    As an STF🕵️‍♂️Special Agent, you "job" is to do THREE things:


    1) REFERRAL PROGRAM COMPONENT - invite/refer other individuals (friends/contacts) to join the STF in support of our sustainability transformation mission; in other words, priority on is to grow our global army of special agents.


    2) IMP@CT INVESTMENT COMPONENT - fully leverage our powerful CryptoCashBack™ 🎁 Loyalty Program to execute a wide range of SDGs-aligned imp@ct missions (tasks) globally, most important of which, is to convince and convert "Non-Sustainability-Focused" businesses and organizations, into businesses and organizations which turn and wholehearted embrace sustainability in their daily operations, because if they don't, consumers like you will stop doing business with them; but also because they realize changing to support sustainability is the RIGHT thing to do.


    3) LOYALTY ENGAGEMENT COMPONENT - choose to shop at (spend your FIAT money) with those businesses which DO have sustainability embedded into their daily operations, whether it's using off-grid solar power, using sensors to minimize power consumption/wastage, or using sustainable raw materials to make their products, etc etc


    For doing any or all of the above three things, you are generously compensated with SM@RTR™ (STR) premium cryptocurrency tokens, redeemable for uniquely valuable rewards which can be viewed here.



    The STF is effectively a premium referral program, one which has been gamified to provide a much more fun user participation experience, by characterizing the program as an "intelligence agency" with "special agents", along the lines of the world renown "IMF" - Impossible Mission Force from the Mission Impossible movie franchise.


    Just like Ethan Hunt, your mission, if you choose to accept it, will take you from your local town or city corner store, to businesses all across the globe, encouraging them to adopt sustainability best practices sooner rather than later and thus allowing them to benefit greatly from participating as a "Sm@rtr® merchant" within our powerful CryptoCashBack™ Loyalty Program.


    The Sm@rtr® TASK🥇FORCE is the Sustainability Awareness and Transformation Acceleration Program of


    a US Wyoming corporation.

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    It's our only planet.

    It's our duty to protect it, before it's too late.

    Join the STF and travel the world accelerating sustainability transformation one business, organization or household at a time.












  • So, if I don't care about traveling and short term accommodation, or just can't afford air travel, why should I still go ahead and join the STF?

    There are many very good reasons all of which you can read about in detail at the bottom of this page, but mostly because our SM@RTR™ (STR) cryptocurrency token increases in redemption (spend) value by US$5.25 every 73 days, which is an increase in redemption (spend) value of US$26.25 every single year. Can your USD or CAD or EUROS etc do that? Of course not - the longer you keep FIAT currency, the less you can buy/get for it.


    FACT: If you earn 1000 units of SM@RTR™ (STR) cryptocurrency this year (2020) and just kept it all, ten years from now (2030), those 1000 units of SM@RTR™ (STR) cryptocurrency would then EACH be worth US$262.50, which in total would be US$262,500. Remember, that is the Redemption/Spending value within OUR/Sm@rtr® ecosystem (our products and services), not in the open global market. But by then (2030), we expect that you will be able to redeem your SM@RTR™ (STR) cryptocurrency tokens for residential housing units in our housing development projects as well and redeem them for just the house (factory prefabricated) if you have land of your own to put it on.


    So don't waste anymore time...


    to join the Sm@rtr® TASK🥇FORCE™



    Then get cracking getting your referral messages off to your friends and social media.

    Messages are pre-written so all you have to do is hit "Share" or "Send".



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  • Your 1st Mission & Rewards

    Your First STF Work "Mission" (Task) is to help build the STF Mission Team

    (Our STR cryptocurrency requires a Stellar-compatible cryptoasset wallet)

  • The Referral Leaderboard

    See how you're doing compared to other members

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  • Xtraordinary Value Proposition

    What's the Big Picture value proposition if I don't care about traveling the world or simply can't afford to do so right now?

    Different People, Different Circumstance

    Yes, not everyone can afford to travel or care to travel. While "doing good" is something most people aspire to, if they're financially challenged and are just trying to make ends meet, they're less focused on trying to make a social or environmental impact. So what other meaningful value is there to participating in this STF initiative?

    Financial Education and Independence

    The truth is, anyone can create a new blockchain cryptographic token and use it as currency for rewards or other purposes, but what sets our SM@RTR™ (STR) loyalty/rewards cryptocurrency apart, is the true and "exponentially growing" financial value it delivers to everyday consumers, many of whom struggle to save for a rainy day, effectively living from paycheck to paycheck. 


    That exponentially growing value is twofold in nature - exponentially growing redemption/spending value; and exponentially growing utility/redemption options. Our STR currency provides real financial opportunity for just about anyone who can't access loans and other financial services; it especially provides for EVERY SINGLE human being on the planet who unfortunately finds themselves unemployed and who cannot get a new job despite sending out dozens of applications and resumes. People seek jobs/employment to obtain the FIAT currency necessary to pay their basic living expenses and to pay the financial cost of achieving their goals in life, whether that is owning a home, a car or starting a business, holiday travel, etc. For most people around the world who are fortunate to have a job, the "formula" looks like this:




    For those people who have lost their job and are having a hard time securing a new job, it looks like this:




    The fact is, most people in the world fall into one of the above two scenarios, even many people working in/for large companies. They may get a "good" salary every month but they still feel like they're on the old status quo treadmill going nowhere fast, no really getting ahead and worse, not having a sense of purpose for their life, not truly "making a difference" in the world.

    Paid Work is Key

    One thing is clear, to overcome the above-noted challenges of living in this world, getting paid money for doing "work" is very important. However, the "SYSTEM" is far from equitable. Highly qualified people still struggle to get a "JOB", while lesser qualified people often get a job through personal or parental "connections".


    Homelessness has skyrocketed over the past decade and stems from people giving up after trying for what to them seemed like "forever" to get a job. There simply are not enough "JOBS" in the world for everyone who is seeking a job in a particular field. If you spent four years getting an MBA, you shouldn't have to wait tables for 5+ years before finally getting a job that is aligned with your MBA training. It can be maddeningly annoying.


    The JOB Casino

    While the inequitable world economic system is indeed a major problem, it is not the #1 problem. The number one problem is that most people simply ACCEPT that inequitable economic system and way of doing things as being "just the way it is". They send out scores of application letters and resumes when they leave college or university and all throughout their lives, because what? Because some fool somewhere decided that people writing job applications to people they don't know and crossing their fingers hoping to get lucky, is the ideal way for people to get jobs anywhere in the world.


    So what does everyone do? They just continue to do exactly that JUST BECAUSE they came into this world and discovered that that is how it is done and so just mindlessly do the exact same thing. It works for a few, but for the vast majority, it's a dismal failure and destroyer of dreams.


    Writing and sending out job applications and resumes to hundreds of companies because you want or need a job, is the exact same thing as sending hundreds of quarters down into a slot machine at a casino, because you want or need money.


    "If you continue to do things the way you have always done,

    You'll continue to get what you've always gotten,

    less than ideal results."


    Surely it makes much more sense to find a different way, a much better way, a truly Sm@rtr® way.

    Financial Empowerment

    We not only believe that there is a smarter way to get to do the work you want to do, to have a job that makes you not want to go to sleep at night because it's so fulfilling and rewarding, we set out to create "the way". We've created SMARTR JOINT VENTURE CAPITAL CORPORATION to be the "JOB Provider" - the company that will give anyone a "JOB" if they genuinely want or need a job for financial empowerment.


    To do that, we needed to design and create an entirely new economic system that is separate from, but still connected to the legacy world economic system, because like it or not, all people still live in the world. Here's the bottom line:


    Millions of people can't get a job to earn the FIAT currency they need to pay their bills and buy food to survive. Millions more have a job but it does not pay them enough to get ahead and get out of tens of thousands of dollars in debt. Finding a much better paying job gets more and more difficult and competitive with each passing year as more and more college graduates emerge.


    So we've changed the economic equations we showed you earlier. We created a new money, CRYPTO money instead of FIAT money; and we've created a special purpose "JOB" that allows you to earn our crypto money as easily as breathing. You can then "sell" the crypto money you have earned working for our company, to the millions of businesses all around the world who need it to:

    a) to use as loyalty rewards for their existing customers and "prospective" new customers

    b) to purchase advertising and sponsorship opportunities available from our company


    In other words, if you can't get a job that pays you enough FIAT (government issued) money, then get a "JOB" that pays you a special CRYPTO money that businesses will gladly buy from you with FIAT money It's like being able to do a special job that pays you in aviation fuel instead of FIAT money, then all of the world's airlines need to buy the aviation fuel from you in order to fuel all of their planes each month.

    The One JOB You Can Never Be Too Unqualified (or Overqualified) to Get

    We offer you and every human being on the planet a "JOB" that is very different. Our definition of JOB is not the same as the rest of the world's, which is being hired as an employee to do a specific set of functions under a set of strict controls regarding time and place of work.


    Our definition of the "JOB" which we're making available to everyone who wants and need to work and earn an income, is this: "Jointly Operated Business".


    In other words, you sign on to work for our company as an independent operator (contractor), where you control where you work from and you also control how much time you spend working for our company. You'll be working for our company's Global Education, Marketing & Promotion Division, promoting our very unique CryptoCashBack™ Loyalty Program and our JV Partner Network to businesses all around the world, whether in person (face to face) or electronically online.


    When we get to the point of having a few million consumer members within our ecosystem and using our private social network, then major brands will be keen to advertise and undertake sponsorships within our ecosystem. Their FIAT money will NOT BE ACCEPTED by us as payment for advertising or sponsorship. For that they will need to get their hands on our SM@RTR™ (STR) cryptocurrency tokens in large quantities and the best way to do that will be to buy it from those who have it. Those who have large quantities of our SM@RTR™ (STR) cryptocurrency tokens, will be all of our consumer members combined, which would include YOU if you choose to work for us within our STF program.


    So you can choose to be cynical and decide to wait for a few years before you join our independent contractor workforce, or you can be much smarter and join us now, so that by the time the big brands come knocking on our door seeking to advertise and sponsor, you'll be one of the "smarter early birds" who will have amassed a large holding of SM@RTR™ (STR) cryptocurrency tokens, which you can then sell off to the big brands for a BIG FIAT currency payday.

    No Resumes Required

    You don't need to stress about creating and sending us a resume and then sit hoping and praying that your application is accepted and you are hired. If you need work and you are not a known criminal, all you have to do is fill out the form on this page and subject to a few general web checks, you will be allowed to work for Sm@rtr® as an STF Special🥇Agent, DOING REAL, MEANINGFUL AND VERY SATISFYING socioeconomic impact work. STF Special🥇Agent is just a playful and much more fun alternative, to the exceedingly boring corporate work title "Sustainability Education, Marketing & Impact Promotion Officer". Buy hey, if you feel much better (or more important) telling people that you're a "Sustainability Education, Marketing & Impact Promotion Officer" for a company called Sm@rtr®, everytime they ask you what work you're doing now, we're not going to stop you - that's entirely your perogative. Just be sure to grab a full breath of air before you start saying that long work title... we wouldn't want you to suffocate yourself :)

    Genuinely Meaningful Work

    Working for Sm@rtr® within its Global Education, Marketing & Promotion Division (yes, at the end of the day that's exactly what the Sm@rtr® TASK🥇FORCE™ is), is REAL "INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR" EMPLOYMENT that can help you not only survive in today's highly competitive traditional job marketplace, but to THRIVE in it. Food is one of the most basic needs of humanity and we intend to make the set up of Sm@rtr® Supermarkets and Grocery Stores a priority going forward, where persons who have STR but not FIAT money, can still come and shop for the basic food they need, using only their STR tokens.


    At the end of the day folks, whether you're on Linked as a "professional/executive", or you're a stay-at-home parent, or a student fresh out of university with a mountain of student loan debt, the reality is that we all need to play our part in changing the behaviors of people and organizations, motivating and encouraging them to be part of the climate change solution rather than continue to be unwitting contributors to the problem.


    We created the Sm@rtr® TASK🥇FORCE™ as a powerful way for ANYONE from ANY walk of life to achieve meaningful economic empowerment, while really making a difference in the world. Economic incentives are the most powerful incentives for people and organizations to embrace behavioral and decision making change at scale.


    Our CryptoCashBack™ Loyalty Program offers every human being, business, organization and even government on the planet today, to earn our SM@RTR cryptocurrency tokens for choosing to take "PRO-Sustainability" economic/purchase actions (Sm@rtrActions™) with their FIAT currency, instead of the old "ANTI-Sustainability" economic/purchase actions which they have long become accustomed to making without thinking.


    For example, we will reward an individual or a business or a charity, etc. with up to 100% CryptoCashBack™ rewards in our STZ currency, if they make a conscious choice to make their new vehicle purchase an electric vehicle, instead of another gas or diesel (fossil fuel powered) vehicle. Imagine as a consumer spending $20,000 on a new electric vehicle, and then receiving the same $20,000 back in our STZ cryptocurrency, which you can then spend on holiday accommodations or whatever other valuable products and services our company will be offering in the future. Or you can save it for when all of the big brands come seeking to buy them from you in order to advertise and sponsor within our ecosystem. That's powerful.


    So hopefully, while our currency redemption options are limited at this early stage, we hope you can seen the real and immense value in joining our company's work force sooner rather than later (like today), so that by the time we have dozens of new currency redemption options available, you will have already amassed a very nice holding of our SM@RTR currency.

    This is NOT an MLM Opportunity

    This Sm@rtr® TASK🥇FORCE "JOB" opportunity is not an MLM opportunity in any way. We pay you a fixed token amount for every successfully completed mission (task) and all of that token reward goes to you alone. There will never be other people "under you" who will get some of the tokens you earned.

  • Single Question Travel Survey

    Our new Micro Hotel Suites using prefabricated, modern and sustainable tiny home units, are targeted at the so-called Millennial and Gen Z demographics, particularly those working in tech startups around the world or who just love smart tech and have the financial means to travel comfortably, not in hostels/dorms. Most importantly, its for persons who care about sustainability and who really don't care to have a huge sprawling hotel room in the middle of a massive concrete box (traditional hotel).
    Watch the video on this page and if you fit the target demographic description above and you're working for decent pay, would you be inclined to book one of our Micro Hotel Suites based on the concept video and images on this page, knowing that the price per night is US$144 and that the technology amenities included the following?
    Included in price:
    Alexa voice control* . Automated blinds . Smart door lock . Smart lights
    Smart security system . Ultra 4k Short throw projector . Peloton bike
    Other smart tech we haven't finalized yet
    Full Oculus Quest VR Gaming/Experience System
    *: Alexa can be completely turned off if desired