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    2020 - 2030 | COLOMBIA




    Transforming 1700+ Hectares of Land into a new Smart City,

    less than a day's journey to some of the most breathtaking natural landscapes

    within the South American continent.


  • A Brief Summary

    Showcasing the world's most game-changing sustainability/smart city technology solutions in a single, "built from the ground up" smart city, while fully leveraging all of the deployed resources to powerfully transform the socioeconomic development of the remotely dispersed indigenous population of Colombia, on their own terms.


    The project will also be a very powerful boost to the economy of Colombia as a whole, due to the publicity the project will garner and the many global startup which it will attract to its Technology Park component.

    Not A City Just For The Wealthy

    Sm@rtr® Colombia will make provision for persons from all walks of life, whether your net worth is $10,000 or $10Billion or more. This includes the indigenous peoples of Colombia and more mainstream citizens, who will have equal opportunity to establish commercial businesses in the city.

    Private But Open To All As A "Technological Lifestyle" Travel Destination

    As a privately owned and controlled property, Sm@rtr® will control the volume of visitors to ensure that there is no overcrowding and undue pressure placed on the city's resources. The laws of Colombia will naturally be applicable but covenants will provide other terms which all participants, individual, charity or body corporate must all abide by.

    Private Security Both Human and Technological

    Sm@rtr® will implement a high level of security in the smart city but shall use technology to make the security provisions as discreet as possible, including cameras and sensors in public areas.




    The goal is to break ground on phase 1 infrastructure works by 2020.

  • Government

    Planning Approval










    Approval Includes Private Airport

    for Private Jets