Welcome to


    Decentralized Micro Hotel




    We're combining smart technology and out-of-the-suite thinking

    to reimagine sustainable travel accommodations and entrepreneurial lifestyle.



    All in one space.






    Leveraging the AirBnB Platform

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  • Sustainable, Small Footprint

    Our Micro Suites are targeted at the tech-savvy, environmentally conscious demographic.

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  • In-Suite On-Demand Commerce Experience

    Every piece of tech in our Micro Suites can be purchased directly from our e-Commerce store.

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  • Unprecedented In-Suite Experiences

    When was the last time your hotel suite had VR Gaming equipment ready to use any time of day?

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  • Travel Accommodation, Disrupted

    The travel accommodation experience is uninspiring - we're changing that, one Micro Suite at a time.

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    Peloton Bikes

    The Sm@rtr® Fitness Experience

    Whether you own a Peloton bike already or you always wanted one, we're confident you've never found one in your hotel room before. Welcome to Sm@rtr® travel and lifestyle!

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    Withings Health

    The Sm@rtr® Health Experience

    Sometimes life gets so busy, you forget to check on things that are important. Now that you're away from home or the office, now's the perfect time to check your health status... in-suite.

  • There's much more to come!

    We're currently preparing our first Micro Hotel Suite for deployment on the AirBnB platform. It won't have all of the features and amenities that our follow-on suites will have, as this is essentially our "alpha" release, so to speak :) We look forward to the feedback of our first guests when they've completed their stay!