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    Sm@rtr® CryptoCashBack™

    Loyalty Program

    A Pro-Sustainability Business & Lifestyle-Oriented, Global Multi-Vendor Loyalty Program.

    Rewarding consumers' Pro-Sustainability Actions (Sm@rtrActions™) with our premium SM@RTR™ (STR) cryptocurrency:



    SM@RTR™ is the only cryptocurrency in existence with a FIAT Loyalty Redemption Value (LRV) that increases daily,

    when airlines are always reducing the redemption value of their loyalty miles/points.



  • Starting Q2.0 | 2020

    Your #1 Priority: Go and get yourself a Stellar Blockchain-compatible Cryptocurrency Wallet.

    You will need such a wallet (an online/web and mobile) account to manage the SM@RTR (STR) cryptocurrency which you will earn from shopping at any participating Sm@rtr® loyalty merchant partner, or which you will give away to your customers/clients as bonus rewards, if you become a Sm@rtr® Loyalty Merchant Partner.


    We recommend the LOBSTR wallet; its easy to set up.

    Just go to https://lobstr.co

    Special Note

    Don't be concerned that the video mentions Stellar Lumens. Lumens is the official crypto token of the Stellar blockchain and must be used in order to execute transactions on the Stellar blockchain. So you will need to keep lumen tokens in your Lobstr wallet, in order to be able to do any transactions (outgoing payments). Eventually, when you earn your first SM@RTR™ (STR) loyalty tokens, they will appear inside your Lobstr wallet alongside your lumens tokens.




    Are you suffering from it? Be honest now.



    Aren't you sick and tired of trying to keep track of "POINTS" from dozens of shops and restaurants every day of every month?

    Pointsomnia™ is an increasingly common shopping disorder in which you have trouble tracking and/or staying organized with multiple loyalty points programs. The condition can be short-term (acute) or can last a long time (chronic). It's a condition that fosters confusion, mental fatigue and FOMO (fear of missing out). Surely there's a "Smarter" way.




    Sm@rtr® - The new global standard in loyalty for both merchant and consumer.

    It's defined as "Imp@ct Loyalty".

  • Introducing...

    The Only Loyalty Program

    in the world today,

    which every business would love to be a part of, but not every business can readily be a part of.

    The EASIEST Loyalty Program to join and get started with

    Neither the Business nor the Customers need to setup POS software integrations or download another app


    The MOST POWERFUL Loyalty Benefit ever created for merchants

    Our company provides ALL of the financial loyalty rewards, NOT the merchant partner business

    (merchants can still "optionally" choose to offer bonus rewards in tokens or other form)


    The only ZERO STAFF INVOLVEMENT Loyalty System available

    The merchant's staff do NOT have to key in or access customers' loyalty account information


    The MOST PROFITABLE Loyalty Economics ever

    The merchant never has a liability on the books for unredeemed points and never has to provide discounts


    The MOST MAGNETIC/ADDICTIVE Loyalty Value for consumers

    No other reward value (points or airline miles) can command the same "desire to earn" as our cryptocurrency does, due to

    a) its uniquely compelling perpetual annual FIAT loyalty redemption value increase

    b) its premium, constantly expanding catalog of highly "daily life relevant" redemption options

    c) its profoundly positive socioeconomic and environmental impact on people and planet



    Business Participation Qualifying Criteria

    Only businesses (retail, services, manufacturing, etc.) which have a strong pro-sustainability component to their business operation, in alignment with one or more of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, may participate in the Sm@rtr® CryptoCashBack™ Loyalty Program. The more businesses learn of this loyalty program, the more interested they will become regarding making their business operations "sustainability aligned", which is our ultimate goal.


    PLANET First . PEOPLE Second . PROFIT Third

    When this pro-sustainability business model and mindset is fully embraced, all three will flourish immensely.

  • How It Works

    The 5-Step Customer Experience

    A Simple but Powerful "Circular Economy" Loyalty Activation and Growth System

    (Each business will have the loyalty program flyers/stickers displayed prominently on their storefronts, several places inside their store, on their business website and on their various social media accounts)

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    [1] Make Purchase

    FIAT PAYMENT (Either Cash or Electronic)

    A customer makes a purchase with FIAT at your store/business and receives either a physical paper or electronic/digital receipt confirming the purchase transaction they made.

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    [2] Take/Send Photo

    MOBILE PHONE (Photo or Screenshot)

    The customer takes & sends us an image of the receipt, for our "Proof of Purchase™" purposes. They also post it to our Facebook & Twitter giving the business FREE Social Media Exposure.

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    [3] Verify & Reward

    ANTI FRAUD (AI Image Analysis)

    We verify the purchase transaction proof and then transfer the requisite amount of STR™ CryptoCashBack™ tokens to the customer's personal "Stellar-compatible" crypto wallet.

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    [4] Redeem STR™ Tokens

    ONLINE (From Sm@rtr® Rewards Store)

    Customer accumulates the cryptocurrency rewards & redeems them for products or services that WE provide, eliminating the need for the business to give away any products/services.

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    [5] Repeat Purchase

    RETENTION (Your Store's Perceived Value Skyrockets)

    Customer gets increasingly excited as they see the STR™ crypto money balance growing in their crypto wallet and so they return to your business to Shop & Earn even more tokens.

  • Premium Rewards

    What exactly do your customers redeem their SM@RTR™ (STR) loyalty tokens for?

    Over the next 12 months, your Sm@rtr® loyalty customers will be able to redeem their tokens for the valuable products, services and experiences below. We're adding them one at a time so consumers all around the world will be eager to shop with your business to earn as many STR™ tokens beforehand, in eager anticipation of each new product/service or experience release.




    Micro Hotel Stays

    We're creating a network of decentralized Micro Hotel Suites using "tiny homes" that are modular and outfitted with advanced smart home technology.


    Pay with STR™ TOKENS Only.









    Organic Grocery Food

    We're creating a network of decentralized gocery stores selling sustainably produced food that comes from local small farmers and producers only, where possible.


    Pay with STR™ TOKENS Only.






    Web/TV Appearance

    We're producing edutainment video content around smart city technology and of course, sustainability. Members can redeem tokens for "production help" or "on-camera" roles.


    Pay with STR™ TOKENS Only.







    Social Imp@ct Xpedition

    We've adopted Colombia as our primary focus for social impact. We'll be taking some of our loyalty program members on Social Inp@ct Xpeditions to the remote areas.


    Pay with STR™ TOKENS Only.







    Event Support Team

    We attend Family Office Investment summits globally to get investment for sustainability projects. Loyalty members can be our support team to man our booths, all expenses paid.


    Pay with STR™ TOKENS Only.





  • 2020 FIAT LRV - SM@RTR™ (STR)

    LRV = Loyalty Redemption Value within the Sm@rtr® Product/Service/Experience Ecosystem

    JAN 01, 2020 | US$00.00

    14 Mar 2020: US$5.25 | 26 May 2020: US$10.50 |07 Aug 2020: US$15.75 | 19 Oct 2020: US$21.00