Engineering the World's first Unicorn Factory to Hyper Accelerate

    Global Sustainability Transformation







    10 YEARS (sdg mission)

    10 COHORTS (five yr program)

    1000 STARTUPS (smart city solutions)

    1 SMART CITY PROJECT (seven sq miles

    1 BILLION USD (startup funding)


    A startup acceleration journey

    unlike any other.





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    A Full 5 Years of Unparalleled, Strategic and Collaborative Startup Business Development

    [A NASA "Mission" Approach]

    The Sm@rtr® Hyper Accelerator Program is a completely new accelerator program developed by SM@RT INC. It utilizes a radically new and disruptive model, one where the accelerator is a core component of a global smart city focused, real estate development and venture investment company that is itself smart city startup, but one that's strategically designed and engineered from the ground up, to become a unicorn company by 2025, if not sooner.


    Instead of the typical accelerator approach/model of bringing you to a "business development class" for 4 to 6 months, we embed our startups into the heart of an ambitious new smart city tech/real estate/venture fund startup, allowing them to participate intimately the process of developing Sm@rtr® Joint Venture Capital Corporation (aka "Sm@rtr®), into a unicorn startup that leverages its high performance business models, to provide other smart city/sustainability startups with a level of resources that is simply not possible with the traditional startup accelerator model and approach.


    Sm@rtr® is a virtual accelerator but will still have a number of educational events for its startup partners (cohort participants) in different countries over the 5-year program. The less money we spend on leasing fancy office space in high rise city buildings, the more money we can deploy to the direct benefit of our startups. "Smarter" business development is what we're about.


    The result is not mere "startup acceleration" over a few months, but rather, startup HYPER ACCELERATION, spanning a period of FIVE (5) YEARS and utilizing a strategic "NASA Mission" approach for every single startup we partner with. That means we create a highly innovative and structured business development system around your startup, making it very resilient to pandemic crises and economic recessions, while increasing its growth capacity by a factor of 10 (10X).





    💡 | Eligible Startups

    Our focus is specifically on tech startups under ten years, which have a solution that is relevant for smart city deployment and is sustainability aligned. Industry generally does not matter, but no fossil fuel startups.





    📡 | Program Scope

    Our two primary value delivery focus areas are Accelerated FUNDING and Accelerated TRACTION, however, we also are focused on delivering holistic value to participating startups, which will include the following value:


    Accelerated PERFORMANCE (Human Resource Mentoring / Human Resource Training / AI Augmentation)

    Accelerated VALUATION (Business Model Engineering / Value Proposition Optimization)

    Accelerated ALIGNMENT (Future Relevance & Sustainability Optimization / Innovation Facilitation

    Accelerated SCALING (Relational Capital Leveraging / Strategic Alliance Development)

    Accelerated IMPACT (Impact Measurement & Analysis / Impact Quotient Optimization


    The resources we make available to your startup are Xtraordinary and Sustained over a much longer period than the typical accelerator program length, because our strategic focus and objective is quite different from that of the typical accelerator.





    ⏳ | Program Cycle

    Our accelerator program is very different in structure from the typical accelerator program. It is designed to unlock your startup's "unicorn potential" within the shortest possible time. This is something that is not suited to short 3 or 4-months accelerator programs, although such programs do serve a valuable purpose.


    Our accelerator program is thus designed as a "hyper accelerator", engineered to move startups from point "A" (Acceleration commencement) to point "U" (Unicorn manifestation) expediently. Our program cycle for all startups is therefore 5 years, not 3 or 4 months, as our startups must have ongoing acceleration value infusion throughout the various stages of their development acceleration journey.


    Please note that we are not here to "compete" with traditional accelerators. We see the various traditional accelerators as credible value providers in the startup ecosystem and also as strategic partners for us that can spotlight quality smart city-relevant startups for us to work with. However, prior participation in one of the many a traditional startup accelerator programs is not a prerequisite for acceptance into the Sm@rtr® Hyper Accelerator Program.


    The typical accelerator program functions more like the "NOS" that Dominic Toretto and crew uses to boost a car's speed/performance over a short distance. Our venture acceleration role is more in line with that of the NASA mission control, for as long as it takes us to get your startup well on its way to a unicorn level orbit.



  • A New Decade, A New Approach


    Only 0.5% of startups seeking venture capital receive it.

    If we continue to do everything about building a startup the way we have always done it, we'll continue to get the far from satisfactory results we've always gotten. Change is imperative.




    It's time for a Sm@rtr® approach.



    2% of startups receiving venture funding by 2025.





  • The Strategy

    We employ a unique strategy for smart city startup acceleration.

    💰 | Startup (Funding) Surrogate

    The challenge most startups face with securing significant funding, is largely due to the fact that their startups are just not designed from the ground up to be "optimally fundable". They're designed to focus on creating a solution to a very specific market problem and once they have defined and/or created the solution, they then develop a very typical/ordinary business model and wrap it around the solution they created. This is due to the fact that their passion, focus and expertise, is centered on the creation of their innovative and disruptive tech solution and not on strategic business model engineering for optimal fundability at all stages of development.


    It is really not practical to ask startups to start over from scratch and try to make their companies much more fundable, more compelling and very magnetic for investors. What we do, therefore, is apply the principles of surrogacy, providing investors with our company as the most compelling, most magnetic investment startup they will have encountered in their journey as a startup investor. Ultimately, therefore, our company attracts the major capital our startup accelerator clients need; some as investments directly into our company, some as business revenue and some as real estate based, leveraged or derivative financing.


    We will thus be able to leverage those significant capital assets to provide funding to the startups participating in our accelerator program. Our process, therefore, is not about demo days and introducing you to investors as traditional accelerators do, where you have to pitch and sell the investors on the strength of your startup's standalone merits. While you will inevitably connect with investors in our network, such investor engagement is organic on a more "peer to peer" level, a joint venture partner level. It's about Sm@rtr® being your biggest advocate, supporter and "collective" investor on your total journey to becoming a unicorn.



    🏆 | Ultimate (Sales) Traction

    We all know that securing funding of significance for your startup does not automatically equate to success for a startup. With funding in the bank, the pressure is on to prove your mettle, to generate that all important traction with your primary client personas.


    Many a startup stumbles at this juncture, burning through investors' capital without achieving the impressive growth rates reflected in their projections. In the smart city space, there are typically dozens of startups that are tackling the very same problem, whether it is smart roads, smart buildings, smart agriculture and so on. What that means, is that getting your technology solution selected and deployed into a major smart city project in an international city, is quite difficult. Yet having your solution selected and deployed into a major smart city project, is exactly the market "preeminence" positioning you need to rise above all of your competitors.


    We solve this huge dilemma for our smart city startups in the most elegant and compelling way. Our parent company SM@RT is focused on facilitating funding for sustainable infrastructure projects, in collaboration with major infrastructure funders interested in sustainability (impact investors). SM@RT's founder created this new joint venture capital corporation Sm@rtr®, to develop our own smart city and technology park development project, across seven square miles of land in the South American country of Colombia. In addition, we are also developing a global "decentralized", micro hotel, utilizing prefabricated tiny homes outfitted with bleeding edge smart home and smart office technology.


    These two real estate development initiatives, will thus provide the ultimate "implementation and validation" platform for the disruptive smart city tech solutions of every startup we accept into our accelerator program. This is "automatic" - there is no RFP process that your startup will need to get through to have your solution implemented, the only caveat being that your solution deployment will not be exclusive for the problem which your solution addresses.



  • Xtraordinary Value Proposition (XVP)

    Minimizing Equity Dilution and Maximizing Valuation Growth

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    Hyper Accelerated Venture Funding

    Alternative funding options tailored to what's best for your startup stage.

    We'll accelerate funding for your startup in a number of ways:

    > Up to $250K as Business Credit bridge funding if qualified

    > Direct Debt, Equity or RevShare Investment ($25k to $2.5m)

    > Syndication platform raise from global accredited investors

    > Cash Advance/Deposit on supply contract ($25k to $2.5m)

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    Hyper Accelerated Sales Traction

    The more sales traction you have, the more fundable you become.

    We'll accelerate your sales performance in the following ways:

    > Commission-Only sales force for your solution in key markets

    > Leverage Artificial Intelligence to boost closing rates 100-300%

    > Develop Ancillary Revenue opportunities to increase revenue

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    Hyper Accelerated Team Performance

    Mentoring and coaching designed to remove mental roadblocks.

    We'll accelerate team performance metrics through alignment:

    > Mentoring to deal with any personal issues that inhibit work

    > Mentoring to help team find their "internal product/market fit"

    > Coaching plus economic incentives/rewards for everyone

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    Hyper Accelerated Venture Valuation

    Applying ethical, strategic business development to your startup foundation.

    We'll accelerate your startup's valuation growth strategically:

    > Strategic Business Model re-engineering and optimization

    > Preeminent marketplace positioning tied to our smart city project

    > Defining a compelling market & investment XVP for your startup

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    Hyper Accelerated Future Trend Alignment

    Ensuring that your startup is optimally aligned with key future trends.

    We'll accelerate FTA for your startup in a number of ways:

    > Direct analysis of current and planned solution offerings

    > Defining a path to sustained solution relevance and demand

    > Instilling a "surfer mentality" into your team's modus operandi

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    Hyper Accelerated Operations Scaling

    Equipping your startup with the right framework for global scaling.

    We'll accelerate scaling of your startup operations systematically:

    > Identifying the requisite technological resource foundation

    > Assistance identifying and brokering powerful strategic alliances

    > Making capital available to support strategic scaling efforts

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    Hyper Accelerated Socioenvironmental Impact

    Ensuring that how you do what you do has more than a financial upside.

    We'll accelerate your startup's socioenvironmental impact via:

    > Systematic tracking of key activity/impact correlation metrics

    > Providing analysis and insights on extracting more impact/action

    > Ensuring authenticity & transparency in all impact measurement



































  • FAQs

    Frequently Asked Questions

    # Why Do Startups Have To Pay Program Subscription Fees?

    For a couple of reasons:

    1) Sm@rtr® is a commercial "Joint Venture" between millions of different entities, some individuals, some organizations, all of whom are joint venture "partners" where each partner makes a financial contribution to the development of the Sm@rtr® joint venture startup company. This financial supporting contribution gives them the right to obtain reciprocal value from the company Sm@rtr®. As a startup, you are contributing alongside all of the different types of stakeholders, who are coming together to pool resources and capabilities to jointly build a massive business development resource in the form of a strategic startup company - Sm@rtr® JVCC. Consequently, Sm@rtr® will be able to meet your startup's every need along your startup's growth and development journey over the next five years. Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM).


    2) Whatever you invest money into, you will value more and that will be evident in a much higher level of team engagement and seriousness throughout the accelerator program activities and process.

    # Most Startups Have Limited Cash, How Can They Afford It?

    Wisely, Prudently, Creatively

    A complete lack of cash or having little cash is simply another PROBLEM to be SOLVED quickly, just as your startup has selected a specific problem to solve with it's smart city-relevant solution. Finding the cash to pay the fee for participation in our startup program, is essentially a "multi-part" FIRST PROGRAM TEST:


    1) a test of your team's wisdom and understanding of the immense value to be obtained from the program;

    2) a test of your team's resolve to secure the entrance fee and its belief/confidence in its ability to secure it;

    3) a test of your team's ingenuity and creativity in defining and executing a solution that allows you to obtain the requisite accelerator participation fees.


    TIPS: Your participation fees can be secured via

    - launching a crowdfunding campaign among family and friends

    - sponsorship by your alma mater university or a strategic partner company

    - securing a business credit line in the form of a business credit card (we can help US startups with that)

    - hosting a paid startup meetup event in your area or city

    - selling your car or that big flat screen TV that isn't generating income (you can get one when you're successful)

    - joining our referral program and earning commission by referring all stakeholder types to join the Network


    We could list a hundred ways here, but the point is, if you truly understand the value of being accepted into our accelerator program, your team will move heaven and earth (legally of course), to secure the requisite fee. On one hand, its a matter of assessing your team's collective "tangible" assets, determining which are not truly needed and then liquidating them to re-invest the cash that was tied up in those things, into something more valuable for the future success of your startup. On the other hand, its a matter of assessing your collective "intangible" assets (relational capital, contacts, level of influence) and monetizing that via our referral program or through a "sponsorship/partnership" arrangement. For example, future client sponsors your accelerator program fee and gets to buy their first product from your "startup at cost"... a WIN WIN.


    So don't let not having the participation fee in hand now, stop you from applying altogether. Just be sure to initiate your plan to secure the requisite program fee FIRST, then apply only when you are just a few days away from getting the program fee collected. We advise this approach, because once your startup is accepted, you will need to complete payment of the program fee within 5 working days of receiving our formal acceptance notification correspondence via email. Of course, you will need to work fast, as once this accelerator program is announced publicly from March 1st, the application volume will escalate quickly and those accepted startups which have the ability to pay the requisite program fees, will start to lock down the limited seats in each tier.

    # Can The Fees Be Paid In Instalments?

    In a manner of speaking, yes; they can be paid as an ANNUAL subscription.

    However, you will end up paying significantly more than you need to. The 5-Year subscription plan will save you a whopping 60% on the cost of the Annual subscription.

    # Are The Startups Guaranteed To Receive Their Funding Allocations?

    Yes, as long as Sm@rtr® performs according to plan

    The only thing that would prevent us from disbursing the funding allocations to startups would be:

    a) the disruption of a major natural disaster event preventing normal business operations

    b) the disruption from the sudden eruption of a major war involving war activity within the US borders

    c) a sudden global financial crisis like that of 2008, causing investors to stop making investments

    d) if global investors do not believe that Sm@rtr® JVCC is an excellent investment opportunity

    # Where Does The Funding For The Startups Come From?

    A combination of various sources.

    The funding for startups comes from:

    1) Membership fees paid by the JV Partner Network members (consultants, service providers, investors, etc.)

    2) Accelerator fees paid by the participating startups each year, both current and new cohorts

    3) Investment made by accredited investors and investment funds into Sm@rtr® JVCC over the program term

    4) Revenues generated by the various Business Operations Units of Sm@rtr® JVCC over the program term

    5) Investments made directly into the accelerator startups through the direct efforts of Sm@rtr® JVCC

    6) Leveraged debt financing associated with our Colombia smart city real estate project

    # Will The Startups Receive Their Funding Allocations In The First Year?

    It depends on their business plan and actual cash flow needs.

    If a participating startup is deemed by Sm@rtr® to need the full allocation in the first 12-24 months, that is what we will work to facilitate. To avoid non-optimal use of funds, we determine and facilitate funding in stages aligned with actual operational needs.

    # What If Sm@rtr® Fails To Facilitate Eligible Funding Amount In A Given Year?

    Then you will get it in a subsequent year.

    Funding allotments are by default spread over the 5-year program period (20% of allotment per year) However, disbursement can be expedited where practical at Sm@rtr®'s sole discretion, if we believe it to be in the best interest of a given startup. If for example, Sm@rtr® only disburses/facilitates 50% of the funding allotment portion your startup was to receive in year #1, then Sm@rtr® will refund 10% of your startup's participation fee. If Sm@rtr® disburses none of the funding your startup was to receive in year #1, then Sm@rtr® will refund 20% of your startup's participation fee. Sm@rtr® would add the delayed payment to the next year's disbursement.

    # Can The Startups Use The Funding Received For Anything They See Fit?

    Not Really.

    We will monitor how the startups deploy the funding allocation. If they begin to misuse the funds provided (buying a Maserati, paying off a student loan, etc), then we will immediately take legal steps to recover the full funds disbursed as is practical and the startup will be removed from the program.

    # Does Sm@rtr® Take Any Equity In The Startups For The Funds Disbursed?

    Optionally, at its discretion.

    If Sm@rtr® does choose to take equity in any of the startups, the amount of equity taken will be based on the specific accelerator program "tier" which the startup enrolled under. As Sm@rtr® is not a "VC" firm but rather is a "JVC" firm, we are much more focused on nurturing your startup's growth, rather than on the capturing of maximum equity stakes. We will thus take notably smaller equity stakes in your startup, allowing you to limit dilution early on, while we work together to help you build up a stronger valuation as quickly as possible. The following table shows our equity caps for each of the six program tiers.


    HAP Tier 1 | Allocation: $10-25M* | OPTIONAL Equity Taken: 7.0% | 5YR Program Fee: 1% of Allocation

    HAP Tier 2 | Allocation: $5-9.5M* | OPTIONAL Equity Taken: 6% | 5YR Program Fee: 1% of Allocation

    HAP Tier 3 | Allocation: $2-4.5M* | OPTIONAL Equity Taken: 5.0% | 5YR Program Fee: 1% of Allocation

    HAP Tier 4 | Allocation: $1-1.5 | OPTIONAL Equity Taken: 4% | 5YR Program Fee: 1% of Allocation

    HAP Tier 5 | Allocation: $500-900K | OPTIONAL Equity Taken: 3% | 5YR Program Fee: 1% of Allocation

    HAP Tier 6 | Allocation: $250K | OPTIONAL Equity Taken: 2% | 5YR Program Fee: 1% of Allocation

    HAP Tier 7 | Allocation: $125K | OPTIONAL Equity Taken: 1% | 5YR Program Fee: 1% of Allocation


    * Funding above $25M can be facilitated, but requires definitive proof that such higher funding is absolutely necessary and terms will be custom created. Payment terms are possible for Tiers 1, 2 and 3, solely at our discretion and thus are not guaranteed.

    # Do All Sm@rtr® JV Partners Get To Share In The Profits Made By Sm@rtr®?

    No, not in terms of a dividend or profit share payout.

    The benefits of being a JV Partner of Sm@rtr® differ according to the category of stakeholder JV Partner you fall into. Here's what each JV Partner stakeholder group gets in terms of value/benefit:



    Startup Funding Opportunity Access;

    Specialized Startup Acceleration Services Access;

    Strategic Collaboration Opportunity Access;

    Investor Relations Development Opportunity Access;

    High Profile Smart City Solution Deployment (Contract) Opportunity Access;

    Sm@rtr® Resources Directory Listing Opportunity Access;

    Community (Online) Engagement/Collaboration Opportunity Access



    Experiential (Hospitality/Events) Opportunity Access;

    International Employment Opportunity Access;

    Competitions & Show Participation Opportunity Access;

    Financial Savings Opportunity Access;

    Regulation Crowdfunding Opportunity Access;

    Colombia Smart City Volunteer Opportunity Access;

    Community (Online) Engagement/Collaboration Opportunity Access

    Blockchain Based Loyalty Program Access



    Premium Sm@rtr® JVCC Private Investment Opportunity Access;

    Community (Online) Engagement and Collaboration Opportunity Access;

    Guaranteed Colombia Smart City Direct Investment Access (separate subsidiary company)



    Service Supply Contract Opportunity Access;

    Sm@rtr® Resources Directory Listing Opportunity Access;

    Community (Online) Engagement/Collaboration Opportunity Access



    Service Supply Contract Opportunity Access;

    Sm@rtr® Resources Directory Listing Opportunity Access;

    Community (Online) Engagement/Collaboration Opportunity Access


    # Why Is The Accelerator Program A 5-Year Program?

    We have a different mandate.

    The typical startup accelerator is a 3-6 month program. They provide meaningful value but they provide it only for a short time and then you're largely on your own. This is a reflection of the fact that the typical accelerator does not have a powerful "Unicorn Grade" business model capable of generating millions of dollars in revenue on a continual basis. They simply cannot sustain the provision of accelerator services at a high level to their startups for more than a few months, if they want to serve as many startups as possible.


    Ultimately, most traditional accelerators are functioning as "alternative VCs", where the goal is to find startups with potential to be big and capture 5-10% equity stakes early, without having to go the route of setting up a VC Firm and spend months soliciting limited partners for capital to purchase stakes in startups with. However, the net result is that the startups do not get the sustained support necessary to unlock their true and full performance potential. When we look at the websites of typical accelerators and click on the links for their past cohorts three years prior, most of those links are now dead, as the startups are now dead three years on.


    If you're taking a road trip from California to New York, you're going to make sure that you take a route where you will have guaranteed access to several gas stations along the way. It will take at least five years for your startup to begin to reach its true potential if it gets the constant supply of "fuel" and "oil" it needs along the entire journey. We are the startup gas station that is always just there when you need it, supplying a range of key resources, not just funding.


    Ultimately, it goes back to why we're doing this in the first place; we're 100% about Accelerating Sustainability Transformation Globally, to fight the threat of climate change. That means "smarter" cities, sooner rather than later. That requires startups with the best smart city/sustainability solutions to become powerhouses, not die off in three years due to a lack of key long term resource access. That means first and foremost we must have the ability to attract massive capital consistently over time. That in turn means crafting a startup investment proposition that is ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE MORE COMPELLING than anything investors have seen before.


    This is why we have positioned Sm@rt® not just as the world's largest commercial joint venture, but much more than that, Sm@rtr® is designed and engineered from the ground up by its founder, to be the world's first "UNICORN FACTORY". Living up to that positioning, requires a LONG TERM commitment to each startup we work with. Five years is the minimum time period that makes sense to us. We hope you'll agree.




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