Welcome to the SMARTR

    Global Interactive Digital Community


    An exceptional opportunity for multiple stakeholder groups to participate in building a new FinTech/Digital Smart City development company, focused sharply on exponentially accelerating community-level socioeconomic resilience, via global sustainability transformation.


  • What is the SMARTR 

    Interactive Digital Community?

    The SMARTR Global Interactive Digital Community (GIDC) is a "NETWORK" of digital communities. In direct response to the major negative financial impacts of the global COVID pandemic, we are building out "City-Specific" Interactive Digital Community facilities online, as Digital Economic Activity Zones (DEAZs) designed to hyper-accelerate economic restoration and development, for each city's consumers, SME businesses and local economy.


    Every legally compliant individual, business and organization is eligible to join the SMARTR Global Interactive Digital Community and thereby, to participate in the various social and economic opportunities present within the community, both at a global and a local city level. GIDC membership, therefore, is something you "acquire", not apply for. That said, we reserve the right to terminate the community membership status and access of any entity which our review shows to be on a financial bad actor list, or is otherwise blacklisted by the US government.


    The INFRASTRUCTURE of the Interactive Digital Community

    Each city level SMARTR Interactive Digital Community has three (3) core technological pillars:


    1) DIGITAL EVENTS/EXPO CENTER (Video Based Consumer Socializiation)




    How to Join the Sm@rtr® Interactive Digital Community

    Simply go to any "city level" GIDC site and register as an Individual. Upon registration, your GIDC membership will be provisionally approved at the Basic (Free) tier. Sm@rtr® reserves the right to revoke any Basic membership at its sole discretion after conducting its bad actor checks, without any formal explanation provided. In the event that a membership is upgraded to a paid subscription prior to being revoked, the full subscription payment made will be refunded to the purchasing entity within seven to fourteen days depending on what county their bank or card issuer is in.


    Currently, there is only one activated SMARTR Interactive Digital Community facility, that being our "pilot" facility created for the Caribbean island of BARBADOS. Anyone may join the SMARTR GIDC via that pilot facility (link below).


    SMARTR BARBADOS - Interactive Digital Community


  • Interactive Digital Community Membership

    Membership in the SMARTR Global Interactive Digital Community, is a prerequisite for all stakeholder groups who wish to participate in (and/or profit from) any aspect of the special business operations units of Sm@rtr® Joint Venture Capital Corporation. We are building this company COLLABORATIVELY as a "multi-partner" joint venture with partners spanning the globe. Unlike traditional joint venture companies, not all Sm@rtr® JV Partners are "equity" participants.


    Interactive Digital Community Membership is open to eleven categories of stakeholder groups, as listed below:






    We understand that what matters most in the effort to accelerate the level of sustainability transformation adoption globally, is ACCELERATED FUNDING ACCESS on one hand and ACCELERATED/SUSTAINABLE SALES GROWTH (Traction) on the other, for the Tech Companies building the innovative sustainability solutions the world needs, as well as for the Cities, Municipalities and National Governments who need to finance major infrastructure projects, for the adoption of bleeding edge sustainability solutions which will drive significant and sustained GDP growth.


    Of equal importance, local SMEs and individual consumers in global urban centers, urgently need new financial tools and resources, to mitigate and reverse the negative impacts of the global pandemic financially speaking, upon their personal and professional/work lives.


    Every aspect of the Sm@rtr® joint venture company undertaking, is designed to allow each individual partner entity, whether it's an individual or a company, to contribute meaningful "developmental value" to the venture and benefit from the venture via financial or experiential value extraction that is unparalleled.


    For more details on any aspect of our Interactive Digital Community,

    please get in touch with us at: admin@smartr.fund

  • Key Membership Benefits

    For Global SMEs and Consumers

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    SMEs | ADA Lawsuit Risk Mitigation

    Website Legal Compliance Optimization Service

    Most likely, your management is completely unaware that it is currently exposed to a high litigation risk, due to non-compliance with ADA legislation that can cost from $50K-$1M+ to resolve. When you join our Community, we eliminate this risk promptly.

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    SMEs | Digital Commerce Sales Channel

    Best in Class Digital Commerce Store System

    We provide SMEs with state-of-the-art E-commerce stores which allow them to generate meaningful sales revenue DESPITE various levels of physical world lockdowns and curfews. We also develop digital products and services for each SME to optimize revenue.

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    SMEs | Community/Expo Portal

    Curated Local Online B2C Events Social Network

    We leverage digital events across different industry focus areas to attract large numbers of local consumers into a digital community space that facilitate high interactivity using video. This provides a captive audience and "digital foot trafic" for the benefit of the SMEs therein, minimizing the need for heavy advertising spend.

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    Consumers | Digital Loyalty Rewards Program

    Vastly Superior, Economic Growth Loyalty Solution

    Economic resilience and growth among the local consumers is critical for overall city/municipality economic growth. Our loyalty rewards program goes beyond rewarding consumers with gifts, by rewarding them with economic empowerment assets.

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    Consumers | Digital Marketing Employment

    Focused Independent Contractor Engagements

    The pandemic has cause major employment disruption. The most practical way to get millions of people working and earning again, is to leverage an independent contractor model first. We provide hundreds of commission-only digital marketing jobs for locals.

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    Consumers | Mission Critical Education

    Understanding the Digital Economy Future & Opportunity

    The fast emerging new global Digital Economy, is the most viable environment for today's average consumer to build personal and family wealth. We deliver the pertinent knowledge, understanding and perspective they need to unlock their digital wealth potential.