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    Any company can THRIVE during the coming recession, including travel, hospitality and food service businesses; they just need to Prepare Correctly to thrive, not merely "survive".






















    Business & Lifestyle Content

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  • Web/TV Series - Preliminary Planning

    "The CoFounder™" - Discussions and Reference Footage Capture, California

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  • Web/TV Series - Treatment Registration

    "The CoFounder" - Show Treatment Registered @ WGA WEST Registry, California​

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  • Digital Video Magazine - Interactive

    A Monthly Digital Publication utilizing Best in Class, Multimedia Flipbook Technology

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    Digital Only... We Preserve Trees

    This publication is for everyone who loves cutting edge technology and cares about the future of our planet. We share stories on the state of affairs re climate change, who's doing what about it and how the average citizen can play they part and be handsomely rewarded in the process.


    The most powerful way to motivate the citizens of the world to take personal action against climate change, "pro-sustainability" action, is to reward them economically. We'll do this in a very compelling way via our CryptoCashBack™ Loyalty Program and "SM@RTZ™" premium cryptocurrency.


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