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    US Homeowner Mortgage Crisis







    For Homeowners Who Lost Jobs/Income And Who Are Now Forced To Sell Their Home

    Get Unmatched Value Through Our Cryptocurrency Compensation Program.

    We'll work diligently to get your home Sold Fast within our Real Estate Investor Network (about 3-6 weeks). For working with us, we'll give you 100% Cryptocurrency Rewards on your home's Selling Price. You can redeem the Cryptocurrency for SMARTR Holiday Rentals or Business Services, or sell it to someone else.





    4.25M US Homeowners in Active Forebearance;

    More than 40M Unemployment Benefit Claims Filed.

    We're playing our part to lessen the financial fallout for directly impacted homeowners in the US, by leveraging our access to investors and providing financial life rebuilding support.

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    Submit your details below and we will contact you to discuss your potential home sales within 24 hours or much less. By submitting this form, you CONFIRM that you own a home and you are open to selling it within the next 4-6 weeks.

  • How We Can Help.

    A job loss is one of the worst financial shocks most families will face, making it extremely difficult to make ends meet and avoid devastating downstream effects like home foreclosures or evictions.


    Obviously, We Can't Help Everyone.

    However, we're committed to leveraging our Global Real Estate Investor Network, to get USD Cash into the hands of as many US Homeowners as possible, who need to sell their homes quickly to avoid further negative consequences that would damage their credit rating. Our goal is to help them "Reset and Rebuild" their financial lives on a much stronger footing going forward, to avoid any possibility of a repeat of this unfortunate situation in the future. If you'e a US homeowner and you're interested in selling your home as quickly as possible, we highly recommend that you get in touch with us via the form below.


    At Sm@rtr®, we can help in a number of important ways:

    1) We get one of our RE Investors to Buy Your House

    2) We give you additional financial value for your selling price

    3) We assist you with securing a new income stream

    4) We give you access to a mortgage savings software tool

    So that you never have to sell your home prematurely again.

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    Why Do We Think We Can Get Your House Sold in Three to Six Weeks? Our RE Investor Network.

    Our founder Robin Belle has spent years building strong relationships with real estate investors both within the US and internationally, who are keen on purchasing US residential and commercial properties and upgrading them for future resale or to hold and activate for long term rental income cash flow.


    Personally engaging face-to-face to build strong relationships with Real Estate Investors and Family Office Investment Managers at various Investment events, is critical to finding an investor willing to add a new US single or multi-family property to his or her portfolio within a matter of a few weeks. In the video below, our corporate videographer captured our founder building such investor relationships, at a private investment event. (SM@RT is a sister company of Sm@rtr®)
















  • Redeem Your SM@RTR Cryptocurrency Rewards

    Business & Leisure | Here's what you can redeem your SM@RTR cryptocurrency for:

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    Pay for your website development using only our cryptocurrency SM@RTR (STR).


    Price: US$10,000 in STR (SM@RTR)

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    Price: US$25,000 in STR

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    Pay for your sales team recruitment using only our cryptocurrency SM@RTR (STR).


    Price: US$20,000 in STR | 4 Ind. Agents

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    Pay for your virtual voice-overs using only our cryptocurrency SM@RTR (STR).


    Price: US$1,000 in STR | 1000 Words

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    Pay for your holiday rentals using only our cryptocurrency SM@RTR (STR).


    Price: US$1,440 in STR | Per Night

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    >Available in 2020<